Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah Says It’s Time to Change the Bureaucratic Maze

It's time to change the bureaucratic maze |Evelyn Ackah | Immigration Lawyer

Canada immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah told CTV News she has seen life-altering application mistakes happen time and again, and that it’s time to change the bureaucratic maze. A Newfoundland woman said an error in paperwork prevents her family from immigrating to Canada and cost her thousands of dollars. Her family initially applied to immigrate in 2009, and a misunderstanding […]

Tech Sector Immigration: Canada Welcomes Firms and Workers Frustrated by US Visas

Canada Designs Regulations to Attract Tech Firms and Tech Workers | Evelyn Ackah | Ackah Business Immigration Law

The United States’ efforts to tighten immigration rules at all levels including H-1B visas for technical workers has increased Canada’s attractiveness as a destination for tech sector immigration. With a recent presidential order to Buy American and Hire American, high legal fees, far more applicants than available spots and a process that takes months highly trained foreign workers are looking […]

Canada Immigration Inadmissibility Law Services

Canada Immigration Inadmissibility Law Services | Evelyn Ackah | Ackah Business Immigration Law

Canada Immigration (IRCC) does not allow some people to come to Canada. They are known as “inadmissible” under Canada’s immigration law. Immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah provides Canada immigration inadmissibility law services to assist people who IRCC has determined to be medically inadmissible or criminally inadmissible. There are many reasons you may not let into Canada, such as: […]

Changes Coming to Canada’s Immigration Medical Inadmissibility Rules

Canada's Immigration Medical Inadmissibility Guidelines to Change | Evelyn Ackah | Ackah Business Immigration Law

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the Canada House of Commons immigration committee Canada’s immigration medical inadmissibility rules to ensure applicants do not cause “excessive demand” on publicly funded health and social service programs is an “important and sensitive” issue and said, “From a principled perspective, the current excessive demand provision policy simply does not align with our country’s values of […]