Canadians Who Want to Work in the United States: Evelyn Ackah Presents to APEGBC

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Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah Presents to APEGBC Do You Want to Work in the United States But Aren’t Sure How to Get Started?  Under NAFTA law, certain professionals like engineers, geoscientists, and engineering technicians can often obtain “Trade NAFTA” (TN) Visas to work in the United States (US), once they receive an employment offer from […]

Can I Move to Canada With a Criminal History

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Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah discusses potential issues you may have entering or if you want to enter or move to Canada with a criminal history, and possible options to overcome potential inadmissibility. Ackah Business Immigration Law April 2017 Newsletter Can I enter Canada if I have one DUI from 12 Years ago in the […]

Alberta Government Initiative Ban Hiring Foreign Workers in 29 High-Skilled Jobs

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The Employer Liaison Service announced on April 19 is a 2-year pilot program that identified 29 jobs that cannot be filled by foreign workers, and will direct employers to the new service. The program is being watched across Canada, and will be evaluated quarterly and adjusted as needed, with the potential to be expanded across Canada. […]

Bill C-23 Gives US Preclearance Officers More Authority in Canada

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Bill C-23 will give US Customs and Border Protection officers more authority over Canadian citizens traveling to the US. Immigration experts are concerned about the legal implications of Bill C-23 for the current 12 million Canadians who go through preclearance at 8 Canada airports. The bill was first negotiated between the governments of former prime minister […]