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The Avenue February 2019: How to Spend Your Time
Evelyn Ackah, owner of Evelyn Ackah Business Immigration Law, juggles a demanding career and family life as a single mom by delegating anything she can and buying more time for what’s important to her. 

The Walrus October 3, 2018: Canada’s Not-Great, Not-Terrible Trade Agreement
EVELYN ACKAH—founder and managing lawyer, Ackah Business Immigration Law
“As a corporate immigration lawyer, I’m pleased that the new usmca trade agreement addresses temporary foreign workers in all three countries. It essentially continues the work-permit system under nafta. I’m disappointed, however, that the list of professions under the agreement—there are about sixty-six on it—wasn’t updated in the usmca.”   

Calgary Star June 19, 2018: Immigrant business owners seek financing less than Canadian born ones: study
Evelyn Ackah, a Calgary-based immigration lawyer, said it’s still tougher for recent immigrants to get access to financing in the first place. Her firm often works with clients trying to set up businesses in Canada. 

“Sometimes, I need to do those calls to banks to assure them that they’re doing everything correctly, and these people do have the incomes they say they have and the means to buy the properties that they want to buy,” she said. “Or invest in businesses they want to invest in.”

iPolitics June 19, 2018: Minister defends refugee deal with U.S. as calls grow for it to be cancelled 
“I’m not sure it should be a permanent change given the climate … and the outroar happening in the States,” she said. “Canada is … the place where people come in times of need.” 

My Business Magazine March 23, 2018: Evelyn Ackah: Founder, Owner Ackah Business Immigration Law “Legal Support For Global Mobility”
“Evelyn Ackah is one of Canada’s premier business immigration lawyer for a reason. She has an incredible success rate for her clients. That is significant in a complex field that is impacting lives more than ever before. Clients look to the business immigration law specialist for one reason: her firm helps smooth the way to Canada and the United States for professionals and their families.” 

Global News December 23, 2017: Canadian tech could benefit if Trump ends work permits for visa holder spouses: experts
“Being able to bring a spouse or a partner and children is a huge advantage to making that very difficult decision to leave your home country and start over somewhere else,” explained Evelyn Ackah, founder and managing lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law in an interview. 

CTV News November 10, 2017: N.L. woman says paperwork gaffe nixed costly bid to reunite family
“It’s really tragic,” immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah said from Calgary. “The fact that something so minor could affect her ability to be reunited with members of her family, I think it’s heart-breaking and I think it’s unjust.”

“I really hope there will be some pressure put on the government … to at the very least remove the bar so that this woman can reapply with proper legal advice.”

Ackah said her office has repeatedly had to follow up with Immigration when approved documents sent by the department failed to arrive. They’re usually sent by regular mail or email with no consistent tracking system, she said.

Red Deer Advocate March 22, 2017: Hard road for Red Deer shooting victim ends with gratitude, happiness
“On March 14, during a Citizenship and Immigration Canada meeting in Calgary with immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah, Reyes heard the words from an official that he had been waiting years for: “You’re landed.”” 

CBC Radio March 3, 2017: Immigration Screening in Canada
Calgary immigrant lawyer Evelyn Ackah explains how the government vets immigrants and refugees.

Human Capital Spring 2016: Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for Temporary Foreign Workers
Employer Compliance after receiving a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for Temporary Foreign Workers

Financial Post October 15, 2015: Express Entry Permanent Residence program is anything but
“Evelyn L. Ackah: Since January 1, 2015 to July 6, 2015 exactly 112,701 people have applied for Express Entry. Of those applicants, only 844 permanent resident visas have been issued to applicants and their dependants”  

CBC News September 28, 2016: Express entry gives first dibs to temporary foreign workers
“At the heart of express entry is an online electronic portal that is fraught with bugs and glitches,” said Evelyn Ackah, founder and managing lawyer at the law firm of Ackah Business Immigration Law in Calgary. It’s been nine months already. It’s time for the government to fix a system that doesn’t work for Canadian businesses and that is putting off highly skilled candidates who no longer see Canada as a viable option.” 

Business In Calgary December 2014: TFWP Aggravates the Alberta labour crunch
“Let’s face it,” warns the dynamically knowledgeable Calgary lawyer Evelyn Ackah at Ackah Business Immigration Law. “Alberta business and the strength of Alberta’s economy impacts the strength of the country. Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan seem to be the strong economies negatively impacted by TFWP changes. 

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