Canada’s Bill C-6 Is Now Law

Bill C-6 Protecting Canadian Citizens Is Now Law, explains Calgary Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah

A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian

~ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Bill C-6 is an amendment to Canada’s Citizenship Act that will benefit thousands of immigrants in Canada. Effective June 19, 2017, Canada’s Bill C-6 has received Royal Assent and is now law. The new law simplifies and streamlines the process for immigrants to become Canadian citizens and assures all Canadian citizens are treated equally.

Some of the changes in Bill C-6 take effect immediately, while others come into effect later in 2017 or in 2018. This chart from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canadaexplains the changes that have been made to the Citizenship Act and indicates when these changes are expected to come into force.

Bill C 6 Receives Royal Assent

Learn more here:  Bill C-6 Protecting Canadian Citizens Is Now Law 

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  1. Ari says

    Applicants may count each day they were physically present in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person before becoming a permanent resident as a half-day toward meeting the physical presence requirement for citizenship, up to a maximum credit of 365 days.

    “Temporary resident” means Visitor, Student and Worker right?

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