Canadian Residents Hit With New US Taxes – Again!

New US Taxes Hit Canadian Citizens AGAIN - Double Taxation? | Evelyn Ackah | Ackah Business Immigration Law

Proposed new US taxes and regulations by U.S. Treasury Department may violate a Canada-U.S. tax treaty that is supposed to prevent double taxation, say experts. In December 2017 President Trump signed a sweeping retroactive tax reform bill into law which included the Transition Tax, also known as the Repatriation Tax. According to a new report by the CBC, “Many Canadian […]

(WATCH) Immigration and Tax Solutions for Canadians Traveling to the US on Business

WATCH Cross-Border Business Practical immigration and Tax Solutions | Evelyn Ackah | Immigration Lawyer

Cross-Border Business Immigration Law WATCH the Video: Practical tax solutions to manage the immigration risks and tax compliance obligations for business travelers from Canada to the US. Presented by Evelyn Ackah, Immigration Lawyer, BA, LLB ( Alberta, Ontario), Founder and Managing Lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law, Canada; and Laura McLeman, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois), of Citizen Abroad Tax […]